Cooperation agreement: Universities of Florence and Naples “L’Orientale”



the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Research Center «Forms of Knowledge in the Ancient World», headquartered in Rome, Via Orazio Raimondo n. 18, in the person of the Rector and legal representative prof. Giuseppe Novelli;

the University of Florence, Department of Humanities, headquartered Florence, Piazza Brunelleschi 4, in the person of the director and legal representative prof. Anna Nozzoli;

the University of Naples “L’Orientale”, Department Asia Africa Mediterranean, headquartered in Naples, Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, 12, in the person of the Rector and legal representative prof. Elda Morlicchio.


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Given that the Parties, considering that the development of forms of cultural and scientific cooperation will be of mutual advantage and desiring to improve such cooperation, want to formalize an Agreement to develop research projects in the field of classical studies, and in particular in ancient medicine, it is hereby agreed as follows:


Art. 1

The institutions signing this Framework Agreement intend to activate and develop a scientific collaboration in the fields of classical philology in general, and, in particular, of the philology of medical texts, of ancient medicine, of the history of ancient philosophical and scientific thought, and in related sectors.

Such collaboration will take place on the basis of equality and mutual benefit among the Parties, which can identify, by mutual consent, other research areas, taking into account the available possibilities and the experience gained by the scholars of the participating institutions.


Art. 2

In order to achieve the objectives of art. 1, the collaboration can be accomplished with the following modes:

a) study meetings, conferences, and seminars on the topics covered by this Framework Agreement;
b) joint publications;
c) exchange of scholars and teachers for short periods of teaching;
d) exchange of information, documentation and scientific publications;
e) exchange of teachers for short periods of teaching;
f) organization of scientific events.
g) joint participation in national and international projects.


Art. 3

This Agreement will not involve burdens on the participating institutions. For the implementation of the various aspects and phases of the project and the initiatives linked to it, including print and digital publications, there is the possibility of implementing individual arrangements between some or all of the institutions involved in this Framework Agreement. The implementation of individual arrangements can result in financial contributions paid by the contracting Parties, which will be identified by the organizational structures to which such costs will be charged, after verification of the existence and availability of these funds.


Art. 4

This Agreement will remain in force for an initial period of four years. It can be renewed for an equal period at the request of one of the Parties, that will communicate such request to the other Parties at a notice of at least three months before its expiry.


Art. 5

For the implementation of the activities listed at art. 1, each Party will designate one or more representatives / scientific officers with the task of jointly developing activities and research programs and periodically checking their implementation.

At the time of signing of this Framework Agreement the representatives are:

for the University of Rome Tor Vergata, prof. Lorenzo Perilli;
for the University of Florence, prof.Daniela Manetti;
for the University of Naples L’Orientale, prof. Amneris Roselli.


Art. 6
(Intellectual Property Rights)

In the spirit of this Agreement, the results of the research and studies carried out in partnership will be confidential and can be disclosed and used by each Party, in whole or in part, after precise mention of the cooperation covered by this Agreement and after assent of the other Parties. Should the Parties desire to publish in national and international reviews the results of their researches, or to announce them, or to use them in conferences, conventions, seminars or similar, they will agree on the terms and forms of publications, and in any case they will be bound to cite the Agreement under which the research work was carried out.

Each Party is allowed to utilize, exclusively for internal use, the documents, the knowledge and everything else stems from the activities covered by this Agreement.


Art. 7

The Parties undertake not to disclose any confidential data, news, or information collected as a result of and in relation to the activities covered by this Framework Agreement.


Art. 8

The Parties mutually undertake to process and store the data and information – whether digital or on paper – connected to the execution of activities referable to this Agreement and to the implementation arrangements listed at art. 3, in accordance with the measures and obligations imposed by the Legislative Decree 6/30/2003, n. 196, “Code regarding the protection of personal data” and subsequent amendments.


Art. 9

The registration costs shall be borne by the requesting Party. This Act, drawn up in triplicate, is subject to registration in case of use in accordance with the artt. 5, 6 and 39 of the Presidential Decree n. 131, 26 April 1986.


Art. 10

Should arise any dispute between the Parties, in the course of implementing of this Agreement, it will fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Rome courts.