Vom Papyrus zum Internet

Eine Geschichte der Überlieferung und Rezeption der antiken Klassiker


di Fabio Stok


Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH 2017
ISBN 978-3-86757-090-9
pp. XIV + 265


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This book, originally published in 2012 – in Italian – by Carocci editore (Rome), presents the history of the transmission and reception of Greek and Latin classics.

The volume’s six chapters deal with the preservation and loss of texts written on metal, linnen, wood, papyrus, parchment; the scrolls and codices; the ancient libraries; the transmission of the manuscripts; the mistakes, the forgeries, the plagiarized works; the reception of classic authors from Antiquity to Middle Ages; the relationship between classical texts and humanists; the fate of the classics from the birth of printing to the modern critical editions; the decline of Greco-Latin culture; the digital libraries.